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Check above a video about CASE VARGINHA with the most complete chronological account of the internet. With English subtitles.


Video text (Translate by Tunguska): Two facts, at least curious, precede the Varginha Case! In 1995, Globo Television purchases for R$100.000 exclusive rights to display in Brazil Ray Santilli’s autopsy film, which proved to be a hoax. At the request of Globo Television, several University of Campinas experts analyze the footage and Dr. Fortunato Badan Palhares appears very interested in the film and tries to even get a copy. Months later, he would do the autopsy on one of the Varginha creatures.

Another curious fact was that on 1995 to 1996 New Year’s Eve, Ubirajara Rodrigues’ wife (one of the main ufologists researching Varginha Case) at the turn of the year, during the celebrations, told him that year a fact would change his life forever.


January 13, 1996

According to military insiders, Varginha Case begins this day with the crash of an unidentified flying object, probably the same seen at dawn by the couple Eurico and Oralina de Freitas, whose debris were collected in the morning of that day, at Maiolini Farm.
In the period between 13 and 20 January 1996, there is no information of what happened, maybe even other catches may have occurred due to intense military movement between the towns of Três Corações and Varginha, it was observed during those 7 days.

January 13, 1996 – 01:00 AM

The couple Eurico and Oralina de Freitas is awaken by the agitated cattle at the small farm where they worked, 6 miles from Varginha. Both see a cylindrical object, which describe it looks like a submarine, releasing white smoke and moving slowly, and it took about 40 minutes to disappear from view. They also reported the object releasing fragments from the back that gave the impression of being foil ribbons.

08:00 AM

An ultralight aircraft pilot named Carlos de Souza sees a object very similar to that reported by Eurico and Oralina flying over the highway Fernão Dias. He then goes after it. After walking dirt roads he reaches Maiolini Farm where he sees military collecting debris very similar to tin foil. He also reports Army trucks, an ambulance and a helicopter. He said the military did a fine search collecting all small debris on the ground. Carlos de Souza is sharply removed from the site.

January 20, 1996 – About 08:00 AM

From this time on, Varginha firefigthers begin to receive several calls about a strange animal at Jardim Andére district. There are reports about the creature being stoned by frightened locals before firefighters arrive.

Between 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Firefighters walk down a ravine in Suécia Street at Jardim Andére district, and they are observed by several witnesses, among them a mason assistant called Henrique José de Souza and fishmonger named João Bosco Manoel.
Firefighters walk up the ravine with the creature trapped in a network. When they reached the street, there is already a Brazilian Army Mercedes-Benz truck requesting them to handover the material. Firefighters come in contact with his superiors and Major Maciel goes to the site. The creature is delivered to military from ESA (Sergeants at Arms Course) that place it in a box covered by a bag and put it in the truck buck and take it to ESA alive.
Upon arriving at the Fire Station, they are ordered to burn all the material used in the capture. Probably for precaution, in order to avoid possible contamination.

02:00 PM

A civilian eyewitness who has been military observes seven military members in a bush nearby the capture location on that morning. He reports FAL rifle shots and the military members get out of there holding two bags, and something was moving inside one of them.

03:30 PM

Three girls, Kátia, Valquíria and Liliane, returning from a housecleaning, decide shortcut through a empty ground located in Jardim Andére district in Benevuto Brás Vieira street and face a second creature, next to a wall. According to them, the creature had three lumps on his head, was brown, had oily skin and appeared to be in distress. The three girls run off the site and arrive in tears at the home of Mrs. Luísa, Liliane and Valquíria’s mother.

04:00 PM

Mrs. Luísa goes to the site and found two footprints with three toes on each footprint and feels strong smell of ammonia.

08:00 PM

Military Policeman Marco Eli Chereze of MP Intelligence, accompanied by Corporal Eric Lopes, captures the second creature. In the moment to get it on the back seat of the car, he is scratched on his arm. The creature is brought to an emergency room that denies service and then it is taken to the Regional Hospital, located in the center of Varginha, causing uproar among employees, doctors, patients and caregivers.

January 21, 1996 – 01:00 AM

The creature under military escort is transferred from the Regional Hospital to Humanitas Hospital, being farther from the city center and better prepared.

January 22, 1996 – Between 05:30 PM to 06:00 PM

The creature is removed by convoy from Humanitas Hospital. According to the account of one of the soldiers who participated in the operation, it was already in a box on a table, giving off a strong smell of ammonia and a wound on one leg.

Several doctors get together before it is placed in an Army truck. One of the doctors pull with tweezers what probably was the tongue of the being. The box is then sealed, covered with a bag and placed in the back of the Mercedes-Benz truck.

Still in the hospital all the material used in the tests and attempts to save the creature’s life is incinerated! A probable fear of contamination.

A doctor who has attended the creature reports that it communicated to him without speaking, maybe telepathically, guiding him to where he should do medical procedures.

January 23, 1996 – 04:00 AM

The creatures are taken by military convoy to the Army Cadet School located in the city of Campinas and then taken to Unicamp, there let under the care of Coroner Badan Palhares, among other scientists of the University. Army trucks and US Embassy vehicles are seen on Campus!

January 24, 1996

The convoy returns to ESA and Badan Palhares proceeds with the autopsy of the creature. The doctor says without mincing words to his wife in the car: the creature is here and it will be taken to the US. All the talk is heard by his private driver who reveals the information to Mondini Brothers.

April 21, 1996

Mrs. Therezinha Galo Clepf sees a creature similar to that observed on January 20, wearing helmet, within the city zoo.

April 29, 1996

Mrs. Luisa, Liliane and Valquíria’s mother, is visited by four well dressed men offering to her large sum of money in exchange for her daughters disbelieve everything they saw, on national television.

May 4, 1996

A historic meeting takes place in Varginha with dozens of ufologists from all over the country. In this day is recorded the video testimony of an ESA military, and the names of all the military members from that institution involved in the capture, transportation to ESA and later transfer to Campinas, these are all revealed. In the military’s testimony is quoted a high-ranking officer who was moved from Brasília to Três Corações.

May 11, 1996

Dr. John Mack visits Varginha, he interviews the three girls and he says tearing his Harvard degree if they were lying.

May 29, 1996

There is a very curious and suggestive meeting of Minister of Army Zenildo Lucena and 24 Generals taking place in Campinas. Behind the scenes there are reports of fights to participate in it, because they actually would have gone to see the creatures at Unicamp.

October 19 and 20, 1996

Dozens of ufologists go to Maiolini Farm and do a fine search looking for debris even using metal detectors.

November 30, 1996

The first book about the Varginha case is released by authors Vitório Pacaccini and Maxs Portes, entitled INCIDENT IN VARGINHA.

January 20, 1997

A press conference on the occasion of one year on the case is held with the presence of ufologists Ubirajara Rodrigues, Vitório Pacaccini, Claudeir Covo and Marco Petit. Also present was the sister of Marco Eli Chereze and in that moment is revealed Chereze’s cause of death.

April, 1997

Ubirajara Rodrigues and Vitório Pacaccini testify on ESA MILITARY POLICE INQUERY on the Varginha case, each for more than 3 hours. In the inquiry there is only four pages of their testimony.


During the week of extraterrestrial invasion, Major Calza, public relations for ESA, gives the crudest statement on the case, saying the Army provided aid for a couple of dwarves; the dwarf woman was pregnant and the two were mistaken for ETs. In the same interview he makes a slip and says: “CREATURE”!


The second book on the case entitled THE VARGINHA CASE is released by Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues.


National news magazine “ISTO É” releases the findings of ESA investigations pointing Mudinho, a local known handicapped, as the cause of all that misunderstanding.


On HISTORY CHANNEL’s Contato Extraterrestre show, the doctor who’s attended and treated Marco Eli Chereze reveals that he told him have been captured the creature and being wounded in the arm during the event.


The third book about the Varginha case is released and the best to date edited, authored by Marco Petit, and entitled: Varginha – All Truth Revealed.
All reliable information that could be checked, realize a Hercules C-130 airplane taking off from Campos dos Amarais airport located at Campinas, in 1996.
It all ends here, after that remains only SPECULATION.

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